The introduction of the Mirasol system will allow the BRC-F to be in compliance with the Belgian mandate to pathogen reduce all platelet products by July 2011.

The Mirasol system uses the properties of riboflavin (vitamin B2), a naturally occurring compound, and ultraviolet light to inactivate disease-causing agents including viruses, bacteria, parasites and white blood cells that may be present in blood components for transfusion.

The Mirasol system, providing the BRC-F with a full service solution, will be able to accommodate all platelet products including whole-blood derived and apheresis platelets on a single platform.

In addition, the Mirasol system’s operational and logistical benefits will allow BRC-F to implement the innovative technology in a cost effective manner.

CaridianBCT has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the BRC-F as they have relied on the Trima Accel Blood Collection System and COBE Spectra Apheresis System for automated component collections and therapeutic apheresis needs.

The relationship is further strengthened by the BCR-F’s decision to implement the Mirasol system as the pathogen reduction technology solution of choice.

Teresa Ayers, senior vice president of Pathogen Reduction Technologies at CaridianBCT, said: “As the largest blood provider in Belgium, the BRC-F is known in the industry to be at the forefront of implementing new and advanced safety measures, maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

“To be selected as their preferred solution for pathogen reduction of platelets is an exciting milestone for our technology and establishes the Mirasol system as a leader in blood safety.”