The acquisition follows five earlier acquisitions of medical imaging providers by BC Technical.

BC Technical claimed that this acquisition affirms its position as the top OEM alternative and continues to demonstrate its strength in PET, PET/CT, SPECT, SPECT/CT, NM, CT and MR solutions.

BC Technical president and CEO Mark Alvarez said, "Our acquisition of MEDX strengthens our national, multi-OEM strategy in Molecular Imaging. MEDX was the #2 player in the US, and this acquisition clearly elevates BC Technical to the only credible, nationwide Molecular Imaging alternative to the OEM’s."

Besides nationwide, multi-vendor service, MEDX has offered technical support, clinical applications training, and accreditation assistance.

MEDX former owner Eric Ellingson said, "I believe this acquisition makes compelling sense from a customer point of view. MEDX has had a long history of terrific customer service and expertise in the molecular imaging field.

"This reputation, paired with BC Technical’s strong presence and efficient go-to-market model, will definitely provide customers with the best choice in Molecular Imaging service," Ellingson added.