This acquisition expands the expertise and capabilities of BC Technical – the nation’s leading non-OEM provider of medical imaging solutions – as well as their ability to provide innovative, affordable solutions for their customers.

"BC Technical is singularly focused on providing first-class service and solutions to our growing list of clients," said Mark Alvarez, President and CEO of BC Technical. "The addition of Legacy Medical Imaging to our team solidifies our position as the only true alternative to the OEM."

Legacy Medical Imaging, headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, services CT and MR systems throughout the United States. This acquisition will give BC Technical more highly experienced engineers in the field, allowing them to provide advanced technical support to their large customer base, and strengthen their capabilities within these modalities.

"Legacy Medical Imaging spent fifteen years building a reputation of quality service and customer-friendly business practices. I felt it was time to take the company to the next level," stated Mike Webster, CEO at Legacy Medical Imaging. "I met with a number of companies and determined that BC Technical is best suited to continue, and improve, the service and support our customers have become accustomed to."

The addition of Legacy Medical Imaging to the BC Technical team further solidifies their position as the leading nationwide, independent service, systems and parts provider for CT, MR, NM, PET and PET/CT – and the only true alternative to the OEM.

BC Technical is the largest non-OEM provider of Medical Imaging Solutions. They provide the same level of resources, quality and expertise expected from large OEMs with the added flexibility and value expected of smaller ISOs.