FASTTactical is claimed to be the firm’s first Sternal IO device to feature compact rigid tube packaging, which protects the device while keeping it sterile.

The firm’s FAST1 sternal intraosseous infusion system has been in use for fluid management by global militaries since 14 years.

The new FASTTactical device is comprised of all the features of FAST1, as well as improved in two key ways.

FASTTactical is a sternal IO device with no separate parts, while FAST1 includes multiple parts with a separate target patch.

FAST1 is packaged in a larger soft Tyvek pouch, while FASTTactical comes in a smaller rigid tube package.

Pyng Medical CEO Mark Hodge said: "Many of our civilian EMS and military customers have requested an intraosseous device that would both fit easily into their medical bags and also protect and keep the device sterile in the difficult environments they are required to work in."

In 2014, the firm introduced its FASTResponder sternal IO device for the use of civilian EMS and hospital critical care personnel.

With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Pyng is involved in developing medical devices, which can be used by hospital staff, emergency medical services and military forces.