The meter provides users with instant access to their blood glucose test results whilst ‘on-the-go’, helping them to manage their condition more effectively and in a way that suits their modern lifestyle. Specialist Glucofacts Deluxe software translates up to 2,000 individual blood glucose readings into meaningful trends and patterns, giving users an unprecedented level of access to their own unique diabetic profiles and empowering them to become ‘experts’ in their diabetes.

Bayer’s Contour USB can also help people with diabetes to make better, more informed decisions that are based upon genuine insight. Users can not only download their blood glucose results for their own information, but they can now send them directly to their healthcare professionals at the touch of a button.

Use of Bayer’s Contour USB with its specialist diabetes management software has been shown to lower HbA1c1 and a sustained HbA1c reduction is important for consistent diabetes management. In fact, even a one-percent reduction in HbA1c reduces the risk of serious diabetes related complications by 40%.

David Simmons, chief medical officer of Bayer Diabetes Care, said: “With the Contour USB meter, patients are able to share their results with their healthcare professional during a clinic appointment, over the phone, or via email, giving them the opportunity to make treatment adjustments, such as taking action to reduce their HbA1c levels, if necessary.

“One of the main differences is that now this is a two-way conversation and patients are better able to understand the logic behind such treatment adjustments, incorporating them into their daily routine with greater ease.”