Breeze2 blood glucose monitoring system requires a small blood sample (1µl) size and includes a 10-test disc system, allowing users to test 10 times without handling individual strips. It has received the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation of US.

Breeze2 is said to offer people with diabetes a simplified testing solution through its ‘No Coding’ technology, that eliminates inaccurate results due to miscoding. It also offers high memory storage of up to 420 test results in five seconds and have the shortest test time interference protection.

Rakesh Bamzai, president of marketing at Biocon, said: “Managing diabetes is as dependent on monitoring as on medication. While most organizations traditionally focus on medication, we want to change the diabetes paradigm by emphasizing as much on Monitoring. This refreshed approach to diabetes will not just change the mindset of the diabetes population but will also lead to better diabetes control.”

At Biocon, research efforts are focused on a number of debilitating diseases with a key focus on diabetes. As a result, Biocon’s patient service initiative ‘Winning With Diabetes’, focuses on diabetes control and education in partnership with the medical fraternity.