Baxter and Ayogo forge exclusive partnership to advance digital health solutions that educate and empower patients with kidney failure


Baxter and Ayogo partner on new digital health solutions for home dialysis. (Credit: designs.)

Baxter International, a global innovator in renal care, and Ayogo Health Inc., a behavioral science-based digital health company, announced the expansion of their partnership to support the needs of patients with kidney disease through digital health solutions. Ayogo is combining LifePlan—its unique behavior-based digital platform—with Baxter’s expertise in renal care to build mobile apps and digital solutions that bring personalized, relevant and timely support to patients with kidney failure. Baxter also made an equity investment in Ayogo in exchange for minority interest in the company. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

“As a leader in renal care innovation and pioneer in digital health solutions for patients with kidney failure, our collaboration with Ayogo allows us to provide healthcare professionals and patients more confidence in their therapy options, including home dialysis,” said Laura Angelini, general manager, Baxter’s Renal Care business. “This is particularly important in the midst of the pandemic, when it is critical to support patients with digital health tools that empower them to perform dialysis in the safety of their home, while staying connected with their healthcare team.”

The companies’ initial collaboration resulted in a patient engagement app—CKD&Me—that provides customized disease and therapy education for the individual learning needs of patients with chronic kidney disease. CKD&Me recently launched in the United States for use on smartphones and tablets and is available in the United States on the App Store and on Google Play.

While the companies continue to expand the content and features of CKD&Me, they are also building a new mobile platform for patients using Baxter’s Sharesource remote patient management platform. Sharesource, which is widely used in 65 countries, has helped healthcare professionals remotely manage more than 17 million home patients’ dialysis treatments. The new initiative will provide patients the ability to more proactively manage their home dialysis therapy records in partnership with their healthcare team.

Two retrospective studies conducted at Baxter’s Renal Care Services clinics in Colombia found the use of Baxter’s Sharesource remote patient management platform with automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) therapy was associated with a 56% reduction in technique failure1 and a 39% reduction in hospitalizations.2 Both studies compared metrics for patients on APD and using Sharesource, with those of patients on APD but not using the remote patient management platform. Patients using Baxter’s APD systems with Sharesource to perform therapy can be closely monitored by their healthcare professionals without leaving their homes. Healthcare professionals can then act on this information by remotely adjusting their patients’ home device settings without requiring them to make additional trips to the clinic.

“Ayogo’s vision is of an empowered patient, successful on their own terms, with tools and support dynamically tailored to the unique characteristics and circumstances of their life,” said Michael Fergusson, CEO, Ayogo. “We’re very excited that Baxter shares this vision. We’re proud of our collaboration on CKD&Me, and to grow our partnership with Baxter to bring the power of Sharesource and Ayogo’s LifePlan platform direct to patients around the world.”

Source: Company Press Release