Barco, a provider of healthcare imaging devices, has introduced a mobile software tool - MediCal QAWeb Mobile.

MediCal QAWeb Mobile is built on the company’s online service for high-grade Quality Assurance – MediCal QAWeb – which enables medical professionals to use it for mobile viewing of medical images on their Apple iPad.

The software tool facilitates health care professionals to view fast visual calibration in just eight steps and offers a visual confidence test, featuring up to 20 dynamic test patterns.

QAWeb Mobile also features secured and HIPAA-compliant QA management which ensures high-quality images at any location.

Based on the ambient light conditions, the settings can be modified in order to bring higher level of accuracy when reading studies remotely.

Barco Diagnostic Display Systems Senior Product Manager Danny Deroo said they developed MediCal QAWeb Mobile to simplify the process of getting FDA clearance for such mobile viewing applications and to provide physicians with continuous access to DICOM-quality images.