Bactiguard and Vigilenz Medical Devices, a Malaysian supplier of medical and surgical products, have entered into a license agreement for Bactiguard coated orthopaedic implants, covering the Asean region.

Bactiguard aims to expand its licensing business to new therapeutic areas and Vigilenz’ ambition is to enhance its existing product range by introducing anti-infective properties.

Therefore, the companies have signed a license agreement for Bactiguard coated orthopaedic trauma implant sets, covering the Asean markets (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos).

"We are very excited about the partnership with Vigilenz as it expands our licensing business to orthopaedic implants that will permanently remain in the patient’s body. This new application will benefit from both the anti-infective and tissue friendly properties of the Bactiguard coating", says Christian Kinch, CEO Bactiguard.

"By applying the Bactiguard coating to our surgical implants, we can prevent hospital acquired infections and reduce the suffering for patients who are often traumatized by accidents. I also see other potential future applications that would benefit greatly from the Bactiguard coating", says S. Choudhury, CEO Vigilenz.

The implants will initially be coated by Bactiguard. Vigilenz will be responsible for the CE certification process and for conducting clinical trials. As soon as the coated implants have been launched, Bactiguard will start receiving royalties.

Several years ago, Bactiguard entered a strategic partnership and licensing agreement with CR Bard, Inc (Bard) in the US. Since then, more than 140 million Bactiguard coated Foley-catheters have been sold worldwide. Bactiguard’s strategy is to expand the licensing business by adding new agreements to the current successful agreement with Bard.

Bactiguard is a Swedish medtech company with a mission of preventing healthcare associated infections, reducing the use of antibiotics and saving lives by developing and supplying infection prevention solutions for the healthcare industry.