Bacterin International, a developer of anti-infective coatings for medical applications and processor of tissue graft material, plans to launch a new product line, hMatrix, a dermal scaffold used in wound repair, during first quarter of 2011.

Bacterin’s hMatrix is an acellular matrix made from donated human dermal tissue that is used to replace a patient’s damaged tissue.

The hMatrix provides a natural collagen tissue scaffold that promotes cellular ingrowth, tissue vascularization and regeneration and is reabsorbed into the patient’s dermal tissue for a biocompatible, natural repair.

The hMatrix dermal scaffold is an extension of Bacterin’s core biologics technology and the human acellular biological scaffold.

Bacterin president and CEO Guy Cook said that as an organisation focused on responding to customer needs, the new dermal graft is addressing a supplemental product request by a number of surgeons currently using our Osteo product line.

“The extension of core technology to dermal scaffolds is a natural progression of our existing capabilities, and a convenient leveraging of our operations and sales network,” Cook said.

Bacterin’s core technology designs and processes human acellular biological scaffolds that can incorporate the patients’ own stem cells or bioactive agents for accelerated regeneration of tissue.