Bacterin International has agreed to provide the OsteoSponge product line, OsteoSelect DBM Putty, milled and traditional allografts and the Elutia Coated Wound Drain to Resource Optimization & Innovation’s (ROi) nationwide network of hospitals and medical practices.

Bacterin claims its proprietary methods optimize the growth factors in human allografts to create the ideal stem cell scaffold and promote bone and other tissue growth.

The products are used in a variety of applications including enhancing fusion in spine surgery, relief of back pain with a facet joint stabilization, promotion of bone growth in foot and ankle surgery, promotion of cranial healing following neurosurgery and subchondral repair in knee and other joint surgeries.

ROi provides a single-source, fully integrated supply chain solution, including group contracting, clinical and operational consulting, pharmaceutical repackaging, custom procedure tray manufacturing, print operations, and distribution and transportation management.

Bacterin International founder and CEO Guy Cook said the inclusion of their products in ROi’s network is indeed a validation of their technology, as ROi includes physicians, clinicians, hospital leaders and other purchasing decision-makers’ input on product portfolio selection.

"As a consequence, a number of surgeons affiliated with several hospitals within the ROi network have supported our entrance into the network and have been eagerly awaiting final approval to begin using our product line," Cook said.