Introcan Safety IV Catheter is a safety device, designed to help protect against accidental needlestick injuries (NSIs).

The US District Court for the District of Delaware granted an immediate and permanent order on 21 April 2011 stopping Japan’s Terumo and its US subsidiary Terumo Medical from selling or offering to sell the Surshield Safety IV Catheter in the acute care market, and precluding Terumo from bidding against B Braun on expiring GPO contracts.

Terumo will be permitted to continue selling the Surshield Safety IV Catheter into the alternative care market until 1 June 2012 after which it cannot make, sell, use or offer the Surshield Safety Catheter in the US.

B Braun will seek damages and other relief for Terumo’s infringement.

B Braun’s win follows a previous verdict awarded in November 2010 confirming the validity of an infringed claim of B Braun’s 2007 patent (US Patent 7,264,613) for its Introcan Safety IV Catheter.