B. Braun Medical, a member of B. Braun Group, has partnered with Neopac for the development of an optimal packaging solution for its new strength of Prontosan Wound Gel.

The Prontosan Wound Gel, which is now available in 250-g tubes, was previously launched in 30-g plastic ampoules and used for treating burns.

Several tests carried out on various tube materials has confirmed that polypropylene Polyfoil Tube was the ideal packaging for the product, as the material can withstand exposure to an extreme temperature of 125° Celsius and the risk of contamination is low.

B. Braun Medical packaging technology head Ruedi Hofstetterwas quoted by Packaging Europe as saying that the requirements for a class III medical device are stringently regulated by the Swiss decree governing Medical Devices.

"Neopac not only supported us in drafting the registration documentation but also met our flexible delivery dates," Hofstetter added.