Azzur Labs, a subsidiary of Azzur Group, has opened a new laboratory in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, US.

Azzur Labs is involved in providing analytical compliant testing services for the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical industries.

The services include environmental monitoring testing, cleaning validations, quantification of biological indicators, microbial identification, Total organic carbon and bacterial endotoxin testing.

Azzur Labs president Kym Faylor said, "Part of our goal is to continuously strive to meet the needs of our existing and prospective clients by adding capabilities in method development, chemical and microbiological analysis."

Azzur Labs quality assurance manager Lisa Myles said based on the needs of the clients, the company has introduced in-vitro devices for handling, inventory, analysis and method development of controlled substances.

"The act of being registered with the FDA, PA Department of Health, and the DEA validates our facility design and security systems in combination with our procedures for handling, storage and disposal meet the most stringent requirements," Myles added.