The LumenVu System, designed to aid in the placement of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC), combines near-infrared technology with a fiber optic stylet, to allow visualisation and real-time tracking of a catheter tip as it advances through a vein.

SonoSite claimed that LumenVu system has the potential to mitigate the risks by providing clinicians with the ability to visualise the catheter tip as it travels through the vessel.

Additionally, the LumenVu system does not rely on a magnetic field and will not interfere with medical equipment or with devices in the patient’s body, such as a pacemaker.

SonoSite president and CEO Kevin Goodwin said that receiving FDA clearance is an important milestone in the strategic development and commercialisation of the LumenVu system and it reinforces their dedication to provide patients with improved safety and health.

“We envision this technology ultimately advancing beyond PICC line placements and potentially into a broader range of clinical applications. This clearance also represents a significant step towards the development of a fully integrated line placement imaging solution, which will include ultrasound visualization,” Goodwin said.