Axonics has secured seven patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its implantable sacral neuromodulation technology.


Image: Axonics secures seven patents in US. Photo: Courtesy of JanPietruszka/

The US patents issued range in subject matter and include coverage of the Axonics clinician programmer, patient remote control, and internal system electronics. The issued U.S. patents are: 10,029,090; 9,855,436; 10,092,762; 9,855,423; 9,895,546; 10,105,542; 9,925,381.

Axonics CEO Raymond Cohen said: “Axonics is committed to rapidly bringing innovative technology to market in order to serve the unmet needs of the millions of patients suffering from urinary and bowel dysfunction and the healthcare providers who serve them. We believe that the continued growth of our patent portfolio demonstrates how serious we are in our efforts.

“With these seven additional US utility patents, we presently have 108 granted and 105 pending patent applications in our portfolio in various jurisdictions around the world.”

The Axonics patent portfolio represents technology internally developed by Axonics and technology developed under license from the Alfred Mann Foundation.

The Axonics r-SNM System has obtained European CE mark approval, Health Canada approval, and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration approval for the treatment of overactive bladder, urinary retention, and fecal incontinence.

Currently, Axonics is in the follow-up phase of its 129-patient pivotal clinical study, ARTISAN-SNM, designed to gain US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval in the United States for urinary urgency incontinence. All patients in the ARTISAN-SNM clinical study are scheduled to reach their six-month post-implant endpoint on or about, the end of this year.

Source: Company Press Release