Avery Dennison Medical Solutions, a division of Avery Dennison, has partnered with Proteus Biomedical to reduce cost, enhance wearability and commercialize Proteus’ personal monitoring device for continuous physiologic sensing and monitoring.

The personal monitoring device received the US Food and Drug Administration clearance and CE mark approval.

Proteus’ personal monitoring technology incorporates multiple sensors to monitor important physiologic parameters of interest to consumers and clinicians, including heart rate, physical activity and sleep patterns.

Avery Dennison Medical Solutions will provide adhesive and material technologies and develop the manufacturing platform to mass produce the wearable sensors for the companies’ respective customers.

Proteus’ personal monitoring technology has been licensed non-exclusively by Avery for use in health, wellness and remote medical monitoring applications.

Avery will develop proprietary products that incorporate the Proteus technology.

Proteus continues to develop and commercialize its personal monitoring and other intelligent medicine and mobile health products in consumer, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Avery Dennison Medical Solutions vice president and general manager Howard Kelly said Proteus’ personal monitoring technology, combined with their expertise in skin-friendly adhesives and advanced manufacturing capabilities, provide a platform for innovative products that can help improve people’s quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.