The European Union (EU) has granted CE mark to Avedro's proprietary intra-operative Lasik Xtra procedure.

In order to obtain accelerated corneal cross-linking during a Lasik procedure, Lasik Xtra combines VibeX (riboflavin ophthalmic solution) with its KXL System (UVA irradiation).

Avedro said Lasik Xtra is a two minute procedure which is used in conjunction with standard Lasik to restore and maintain the biomechanical integrity, and also strength the cornea after a Lasik procedure.

Avedro refractive surgeon and member John Kanellopoulos said in studies they will be reporting at ASCRS in April they have found that after almost two years of follow-up, hyperopes appear to have a completely different clinical course if they employ prophylactic cross-linking in their Lasik procedures.

Avedro CEO David Muller said they are pleased to offer Lasik Xtra to a growing number of ophthalmologists and their Lasik patients outside the US.