Avedro, a developer of opthalmic technologies, has won a Canadian approval for its proprietary Lasik Xtra procedure.

Lasik Xtra is a two minute procedure which is used in conjunction with standard Lasik to restore biomechanical integrity, thus strengthening cornea after a standard Lasik procedure.

The Lasik procedure unites riboflavin ophthalmic solution with the company’s KXL system (UVA irradiation) to achieve accelerated corneal cross-linking.

Clearview Institute doctor Christoph Kranemann said they feel there is an added benefit to having Lasik Xtra as its stabilizing effect ‘locks-in’ a prescription after surgery.

"He found there to be a lower incidence of regression in patients who have had Lasik Xtra," Kranemann said.

Valley Laser Eye Centre doctor John Blaylock said they believe that Lasik Xtra provides long term stability and enhanced safety for their Lasik patients.

"The addition of Lasik Xtra also expands the range of patients who may be eligible for the Lasik procedure," Blaylock said.