Avantra Biosciences, a provider in protein diagnostics, has started the first shipments of the new Q400 Biomarker Workstation and the Angio Qx BioChip Immunoassay.

The system provides quantitative protein biomarker results for 10 analytes in less than an hour, requiring less than five minutes for sample preparation.

The Angio Qx Immunoassay is a member of the Avantra QPDx biomarker detection product line for use with the Q400 Biomarker Workstation.

The platform consists of a completely self-contained immunoassay BioChip and instrument, for use in the automated measurement of key biomarkers.

Avantra’s QPDx platform offers users a rapid, easy-to-use, high quality bench top quantitative multiplex protein assay platform with low CVs and little setup time.

Avantra CEO Brian McKernan said the initial shipment of Avantra’s QPDx biomarker product line represents the first milestone in Avantra’s strategy to develop a suite of oncology focused multiplex biomarker panels.

"We see an opportunity for our QPDx product line and we are excited about the work we are doing with our partners to commercialize additional oncology specific biomarker panels," McKernan said.