Avantra Biosciences, a Courtagen Life Sciences company engaged in developing next-generation technology for protein biomarker analysis, has introduced a Rapid Assay Prototyping service.

Avantra’s integrated system consists of the Q400 Biomarker Workstation and the QPDx BioChip, which enables scientists and clinicians to perform multiplex biomarker analysis for research use only (RUO) at their lab bench or clinical trial site.

Rapid Assay Prototyping service allows researchers to accelerate their research efforts using biomarker assays developed on Avantra’s QPDx BioChip platform.

To provide this service, Avantra leverages pre-validated antibody pairs that can be further optimized for specific research needs.

In addition, Avantra can design QPDx assays that use a client’s own immunoassay reagents.

Avantra’s assays can be used for screening drug targets, pathway analysis, and disease state biomarker profiling.