Australia-based St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital is set to deploy Philips’ next-generation electronic medical record (EMR) and care management solution, as part of its efforts to improve patient safety.

Tasy EMR

Australia’s St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital to install Philips Tasy EMR solution

Located in Queensland, the St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital will install Philips Tasy EMR, which is a comprehensive healthcare informatics solution that connects all areas of the healthcare environment.

Designed to eliminate multiple IT solutions from various vendors, the Tasy EMR provides one integrated solution across all care settings through a single platform and database, which allow centralized management of clinical, organizational and administrative processes.

Philips healthcare informatics business leader Yair Briman said: “Together with St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital, we will fully digitize its entire care management processes and enable anytime, anywhere access to clinical analytics that helps to continuously improve safety and patient outcomes.”

The Tasy EMR is a single web-based integrated patient administration and electronic medical record platform and database, which allows care professionals and administrators to access any information in real-time from any location within or beyond the hospital to manage their processes centrally.

The processes range from patient care to inventory and supply management, revenue cycle management and business reporting.

Philips Tasy EMR will also cover other processes, including clinically integrated bed management and the scheduling of rooms and staff for appointments and medical procedures.

With traceable user roles and profiles, the platform will help keep pace with a hospital’s workflows, standards and key performance indicators.

The platform connects the dots between different aspects of patient care by managing both clinical and administrative workflows.

St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital will access advanced clinical decision support tools and full closed loop medication management, as part of the customization of Tasy EMR functionalities.

St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital CEO Ray Fairweather said: “We are leveraging the latest technology to allow for safety and accuracy in healthcare while improving operational workflow for patients and staff.

“Philips’ comprehensive EMR solution will support us driving clinical innovation and operational efficiencies that sets us apart now and in the future.”