The Australia's Department of Health and Ageing has awarded a contract to Accenture to establish a personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system.

The PCEHR system aids patients to involve in their own healthcare plan and clinicians will be able to make more informed decisions with easier access to medical data such as health summaries, reducing medication errors and a reduction in the time and costs associated with redundant tests and retrieving disparate.

Australia’s Department of Health and Ageing is investing $466.7m over two years to build PCEHR system.

The Accenture team will be supported by Oracle in the management of patient records and Orion Health for the consumer and clinician portals, while Telstra will provide the Cloud IO hosting model through the Telstra and Accenture alliance.

Accenture Health & Public Service lead Brad Cable said patients will have greater control and access to health information, while providers have greater insight and context to make informed health decisions.