Aushon has introduced new Cira multiplex immunoassay platform for protein biomarker analysis.

Cira immunoassay includes a circular assay design, microarray printing, a new high-resolution imager with built-in acquisition algorithms and a bioinformatics engine to generate user data within minutes.

Cira immunoassay’s design, which produces faster results at a lower cost per sample and higher throughput without compromising the quality or consistency, complements sensitivity and reproducibility of singleplex ELISA.

The printing technology improves performance by placing analytes in a circular pattern that optimizes the fluidic properties for each Ciraplex assay.

The Cirascan astronomy-grade imaging system captures multiple images for each chemiluminescent array plate in order to maximize sensitivity and dynamic range.

Aushon founder and CEO Pete Honkanen said, "With the Cira launch, we are now poised to be the platform of choice for protein biomarker analysis and make a substantial contribution to the revolution in personalized medicine."