AT&T and BlueLibris have entered into an agreement to offer wireless connectivity to a small wearable personal monitoring device that allows real-time communication with an adult or child through call-center capability.

The BlueLibris device and platform will be designed to offer HMOs, PERS Vendors, hospitals, care organizations, fitness and medical device manufacturers and service companies the ability to rapidly deploy mobile monitoring services for their customers.

Inside the deceptively simple 3G device are the latest advances in ARM-based low-power microprocessors and micro-sensor technology together with simultaneous cellular voice and data connectivity.

Seniors can use the device to stay mobile while still providing location and other information.

Parents can use the device to monitor the location of their children.

Healthcare organizations can use the device to locate patients and to offer near real time assistance outside of the traditional hospital walls.

Fitness enthusiasts can also use the device to track and share real time distance and physiological measurements.

BlueLibris CEO Ram Fish said consumer-focused, mobile, wearable monitoring will enable care organizations to strengthen their relationship with their subscribers.