ATS Medical has reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued patent number 7594974 regarding a method of cutting tissue materials for use in implantable devices.

The company said that the patent, entitled ‘Method of Cutting Material for Use in Implantable Medical Device,’ was issued on September 29, 2009. This technology, also protected through several domestic and foreign patents, has been instrumental in the design and manufacture of the ATS 3f based tissue products.

The essence of the company’s technology enables the cutting of tissue material through a laser based system. The laser precisely cuts the source material to a predetermined pattern as designated by the user. The cutting energy of the laser is such that the cut edges of the material prevent the possibility of delamination or fraying, said the company.

However, the communication of thermal energy to the material is controlled to minimise the effect to surrounding tissues. The patented method is an important factor in the manufacture and performance of tissue based implantable devices, said the company.

Michael Dale, president and CEO of ATS Medical, said: “We are pleased with the continued progress and protection regarding our key tissue technologies. ATS acquired a variety of intellectual property as part of the 3f Therapeutics’ acquisition, and we continue to broaden our technology and protection in all areas. We believe this technology has many applications throughout the areas of tissue based implantable devices.”