Atrium Medical Corporation (Atrium Medical) announces the formation of its newest med-tech specialty healthcare division, Atrium Biosurgery. This new division is dedicated to the development of pioneering advancements in biological, mechanical and therapeutic solutions for soft tissue healing following trauma, surgery and or other interventional procedures that require improved patient recovery and prospects for improved healing outcomes.

This newest global expansion will complement Atrium’s other professional Healthcare Divisions – Cardiovascular Interventions (CVI) and Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS) – by continuing the company’s tradition of providing state-of-the-art medical device technology for patients around the globe.

Atrium Biosurgery products include Atrium’s first-to-market Omega 3 Bioabsorbable Oil Fatty Acid (O3FA) coated medical devices. This novel technology combines Atrium’s ProLite and ProLite Ultra brand polypropylene surgical mesh products commonly used in soft tissue and hernia repair with a proprietary, pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 bio-absorbable coating. Atrium’s innovative discovery of combining an inert thin wall polypropylene mesh with an all natural Omega 3 biological coating in clinical use, and in numerous pre-clinical studies, has demonstrated minimization of visceral tissue attachment as well as reductions in both foreign body reaction and inflammation following surgical intervention. Such technology can result in a preferred, well healed, reinforced surgical repair. These soft tissue reinforcement devices include Atrium C-QUR Mesh, C-QUR Edge Mesh, and the recently launched C-QUR Lite Surgical Mesh which combine a proven inert polymer material with an advanced Omega 3 coating technology – indicated for use in the surgical repair and reinforcement of soft tissue, including abdominal and inguinal hernia surgery, common surgical procedures performed more than 700,000 times annually in the US.

With the introduction of the new Atrium Biosurgery Division, the company is undergoing a substantial expansion program and is anticipating exceptional growth as several pending new O3FA technology based products become commercially available in the months and years ahead.