Atrium Medical announced that it has received CE Mark approval for Cinatra CoCr Stent. Cinatra is indicated for the treatment of coronary artery occlusive disease.

Atrium is excited to release this best in class Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System that is extremely low in profile, ultra flexible, and highly deliverable. In an independent lab test, Atrium’s new Cinatra CoCr Stent was highlighted as having the lowest crossing profile and greatest flexibility when compared to the leading competitors. The advanced design of the Cinatra CoCr Stent with its superior mechanical properties have produced excellent clinical results yielding a very low late lumen loss. Preliminary results from the CONFIRM 1 multi-center prospective trial have shown the Cinatra CoCr Stent to have a mean in-stent late lumen loss of 0.69 mm at 6 months. This low late lumen loss is clear evidence that Cinatra offers excellent clinical results and will offer cardiologists a new option when treating coronary artery disease.