Atlas claimed that, designed as an add-on module to Atlas LabWorks, the order entry and result reporting solution, Atlas Mobile offers a new way to expand healthcare diagnostic service offerings to physician customers.

Built on the company’s multi-staged order workflow engine, Atlas Mobile provides Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) functionality on the iPad that enables physicians to create electronic orders, indicate special instructions and perform medical necessity verification during the patient’s office visit

Once an order has been submitted by a physician, it can then be accessed by practice office staff, or patient service center and customer service personnel to further process the order, based on pre-defined business rules, all of which is integral to Atlas clean order management.

Atlas Mobile also offers physicians secure access to complete patient reports with interpretive notes and abnormal flags, including support for integrated clinical lab, anatomic pathology and radiology results.

Atlas CEO and president Rob Atlas said that Atlas Mobile CPOE is a solution that enhances the clinician’s workflow and can deliver clean lab and radiology orders to a nationwide network.

"With Atlas Mobile, our customers gain a competitive edge and provide a higher level of service by delivering patient data literally at the doctor’s fingertips," Atlas said.