Astra Tech Inc. (Astra Tech), a company focusing in dental market, has launched its Atlantis patient-specific abutments in shaded zirconia. The zirconia abutments will offer freedom and flexibility to provide the patients with truly esthetic results.

The abutment is milled from a solid shaded zirconia blank and designed from the final desired tooth-shape using the patented Atlantis VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software.

As the implant patient demand for esthetic results continues to grow, this new material is especially ideal for patients with thin facial gingival tissue, when soft tissue migration occurs during healing process, or when the cemento-enamel junction is visible on adjacent natural teeth. The availability of a shaded zirconia option further increases efficiency and simplicity for the dental laboratory by reducing the need to adjust the abutment margin color through the use of porcelain.