Asensus Surgical, a medical device company that is digitizing the interface between the surgeon and the patient to pioneer a new era of Performance-Guided Surgery, today announced Saiseikai Shiga Hospital in Ritto, Japan has entered into an agreement to lease and utilize a Senhance Surgical System.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Saiseikai Shiga Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Japan. While the system will be initially utilized in the General Surgery Department, we look forward to assisting the hospital in expanding their Senhance program into additional departments and specializations,” said Anthony Fernando, Asensus Surgical President and CEO. “We continue to drive increased utilization of Senhance globally as surgeons continue to see the value associated with Senhance’s clinical intelligence and digital tools which have wide applicability across surgical specialties and types of procedures.”

Asensus Surgical’s technology platform, Senhance Surgical System, is the first of its kind digital laparoscopic platform that leverages augmented intelligence to provide unmatched performance and patient outcomes through machine learning. Senhance goes beyond the typical surgical robotic systems, providing surgical assurance through haptic feedback, eye-tracking camera control, and 3D visualization, and is the first platform to offer 3mm instruments (the smallest instrument available in the world on a robotic surgical platform).

In surgical procedures, haptic feedback is a highly sought after feature which is only available on the Senhance Surgical System. Haptic feedback gives a surgeon real-time force sensory feedback. Not only does it allow for a more natural sensation of pressure and tension when completing surgical tasks, but it provides an unparalleled level of safety that other robotics platforms cannot provide by allowing the surgeon to feel when they are in contact with anatomy that can be potentially damaged or injured by instrument movements.

The Senhance Surgical System is powered by the Intelligent Surgical Unit (ISU). The ISU enables real-time surgical image analytics coupled with machine vision-driven control of the camera for a surgeon by responding to commands and recognizing certain objects and locations in the surgical field. It allows the surgeon to measure anatomy, place digital tags, enhance the surgical image and offers Augmented Intelligence (AI) driven control of the camera enabling the surgeon to focus on other critical surgical tasks.

“We are very excited to incorporate the unique features of the Senhance System into our surgical offerings. Familiarity with laparoscopy, lower cost per procedure similar to laparoscopy and clinical intelligence capabilities combined with robotic precision and novel features make the platform a wonderful addition to our hospital,” said Dr. M. Masuyama, Vice President, Head of the Surgical Department. “As we focus on providing the highest level of care for our patients, the Senhance System will allow us to expand our robotic surgery department to help deliver better patient outcomes.”

Source: Company Press Release