The new testing system has been developed to screen blood and plasma rapidly and effectively within a smaller footprint that firm's current systems.

The system's additional automation and flexibility enables blood and plasma centers to enhance productivity and maintain the highest levels of accuracy.

Abbott's system will help to run up to 600 tests per hour, which is double against competitive standalone instruments.

It helps to track all activities and actions associated with the testing and processing of each donation in accordance with relevant legislation and requirements.

The system will also help laboratory professionals to continuously load and unload samples and supplies without pausing or stopping the system.

Abbott's transfusion medicine business general manager Louis Morrone said: "The Alinity s System is a significant leap forward when it comes to speed, automation and efficiency for blood and plasma screening.

"These elements are important to blood and plasma services of all sizes, supporting Abbott's overall mission to help people live longer, healthier lives by keeping the global blood and plasma supply safe."