The system includes Contour Next One meter and Contour Diabetes app, which enables diabetes patients to capture blood glucose results.

Contour Next One system features wireless-enabled smart meter that connects to a smart phone through Bluetooth.

The meter links to the Contour Diabetes app, which collects, stores and analyzes patient blood glucose readings from the meter.

The app is said to combine the readings with other data input by the patient to offer detailed information about their condition.

It will help patients to understand how their daily activities may impact their blood glucose results, including alerts for critical high or critical low readings.

In addition, the blood glucose measurements and patterns that are distinguished can be shared with healthcare professionals to help support management plans.

Ascensia Diabetes Care North American region head Russ Newsome said: The launch of the Contour Next One blood glucose monitoring system is the latest of our high quality solutions to meet the needs of the diabetes community.

“The value for both patients and healthcare professionals in having easy access to highly accurate data that tracks their condition over time could be significant.”

Ascensia Diabetes Care markets its products to the customers in around 125 countries.