Ascensia Diabetes Care has introduced its Contour Next One blood glucose monitoring system (BGMS) in the UK.

The system has been developed to enable diabetes patients to monitor blood glucose on their own.

Ascensia’s system includes Contour Next One meter and Contour Next One app, which helps diabetes patients to capture blood glucose results.

The system allows patterns and trends to be revealed that will help people to understand their diabetes, enabling to improve diabetes management.

The wireless-enabled smart meter will be linked to a smart mobile device through Bluetooth connectivity.

It offers immediate feedback and also connects to the app that collects, stores and analyses patient blood glucose results received from the meter.

The app will combine all the results with other data recorded by the user to provide detailed information about their condition, helping to understand how their everyday lives the impact blood glucose readings.

In addition, the meter includes smartLIGHT feature that provides instant feedback on blood glucose readings for better understanding of results

Ascensia Diabetes Care’s Ros Barker said: "The launch of the Contour Next One blood glucose monitoring system in the UK is the latest of our high quality solutions designed to meet the needs of the diabetes community.

“By seamlessly capturing data from the meter in the app, this system has the potential to benefit people with diabetes by improving the understanding of their condition and helping them to make more informed decisions about managing their diabetes.”