Ambulatory Services of America (ASA) and its subsidiary Innovative Dialysis Systems have completed the acquisition of Florida - based Renal CarePartners.

Renal CarePartners operates 17 dialysis centers in eight states and the territory of Puerto Rico, thus providing care to end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients.

Renal CarePartners also controls two staff-assisted home hemodialysis programs and an acute dialysis program offering renal care services to nine hospitals.

ASA and Innovative Dialysis CEO Timothy Martin said at Innovative Dialysis they prefer to operate in joint ventures with physician partners, so nephrologists can take the lead on providing care to patients with ESRD and they can support them by taking care of the business aspects of running dialysis facilities.

Renal CarePartners CEO Orestes Lugo said they look forward to work with ASA and Innovative Dialysis to provide care for their patients and great service to their physician partners.