By allowing for easier and more accurate placement of less than a full set of dental veneers, GlamStip represents an evolutionary alternative to the company’s original tray technology. Remedent markets the original tray worldwide and its major distributors and marketing partners, including GlamSmile Australia and GlamSmile China. In the United States, Den-Mat Holdings LLC markets the tray under the Lumitray brand for placing Remedent-designed veneers.

The ultra-thin GlamStrip eliminates all placement guesswork and insures the highest quality placement in one singular motion. This makes the new strip ideally suited for placing as few as two veneers at a time, which can expand the usefulness and potential application of Remedent’s GlamSmile dental veneers. The new technology also makes it less costly to deliver a veneer application kit to the dentist.

Den-Mat and Remedent have revised their distribution agreement to provide Den-Mat with an option to manufacture and distribute GlamStip and make it available to more than 10,000 US dentists in Den-Mat’s network. Den-Mat upon exercise of its option will commit to certain minimum purchase requirements of GlamSmile veneer-loaded LumiTrays or GlamStrips annually with pricing requirements and combined volume similar to their previous agreement with Remedent. (The brand name Den-Mat will use for the strip in the US has yet to be determined.)

The revolutionary features and benefits GlamStrip offers both dentists and consumers maintains our leadership as the most innovative provider of professional dental solutions, said Guy De Vreese, CEO of Remedent. About 60% of dentists currently offer veneers, and we believe the advantages of this new device will expand the market for this procedure. In this current economy, consumers are looking to less expensive alternatives, while dentists want to attract more business and improve their bottom line. Dentists also appreciate new technologies that make their jobs easier. GlamStrip promises all this and more.

Steve Ziskind, the CEO of Den-Mat, added: We found it amazing how well the new strip performs for seating individual veneers in smaller groups of two to three, and can see how this has the potential to dramatically expand the market potential of our approach to applying dental veneers. We expect this new technology, which takes virtually no training, to be enthusiastically adopted by our network of LUMINEER dentists and build upon the success of our LumiTray system.

The GlamSmile dental veneer system creates perfect, easy-to-apply dental veneers. It was first proven in Europe and debuted in the United States in the fall of 2007. GlamSmile revolutionizes the one-at-a-time, trial-and-error method of applying dental veneers.

The GlamSmile method requires no painful reshaping of teeth or temporary placements. This unique feature plus other elements of the design results in less mouth trauma and fewer office visits to complete.

Similar to Remedent’s FirstFit technology which was recently introduced for bridges and crowns (which will also be marketed in the US by Den-Mat), the GlamSmile system also involves a simple process made possible by company’s computerized dental laboratory workstation.