YouChoose has been designed to help people to better manage their diabetes through education, encouragement and healthy-living tools. The program includes online and offline support, including a comprehensive ‘Wellness Kit’ that covers a variety of topics ranging from nutrition and recipes to activities and insulin levels. The program also features ‘Ask Mary,’ a virtual coach on the program’s Web site who offers tips and support through a blog and quarterly newsletter.

The patient wellness program is built around a web site that collects and provides the useful information available for managing diabetes. It is designed to be a lifestyle tool, offering resources such as access to a diabetes specialist, a calorie counter and dozens of articles, videos and recipes.

Visitors also have access to in-licensed content from dLife and Diabetic Living as well as videos on reading food labels, shopping for groceries and making healthy eating and activity choices. And coming soon, the site will include opportunities for more interactivity, including peer-to-peer networking and idea sharing.

Jonathan Chapman, president of Arkray, said: “At Arkray, we are on a mission to build a care community that empowers people to effectively manage their diabetes. The launch of YouChoose is a new way for us to fulfill that promise.

“There is a strong trend toward consumer directed health care that is encouraging patients to take charge of their health and manage their diabetes. YouChoose makes it easy to do that by sharing simple lifestyle changes that, combined with tools such as our Glucocard meters, all add up to a healthier individual.”