Mediomics has received more than $2m of US government funding to develop its quick and sensitive homogenous Pincer protein assay.

The assay kits will be used to quantify most biologically and therapeutically important macromolecules, including ligands, proteins, protein complexes, and pathogens, including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Mediomics said that its rapid, mix-and-measure homogeneous assays have already been adapted for the detection of macromolecules including cAMP, tryptophan, S-adenosyl methionine, PDE assay, biotin, insulin, C-peptide, albumin, C-reactive protein (hCRP), IgG, IgM, E Coli, and others.

Mediomics president Yie-Hwa Chang said that the grant will be extremely helpful to move this cheaper, faster screening technology into mainstream applications and they expect the availability of hand-held fluorescence detectors will displace cumbersome benchtop instruments and gain acceptance for use in biologics production and food pathogen detection.