Ariana Pharma has entered into a partnership with AP-HP (Beaujon Hospital) and INSERM and Bio-Rad France to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of chronic hepatitis .

Ariana Pharma and its partners have received funding from the French FUI and from the Ile de France region and will share the royalties from sales of the envisioned in-vitro diagnostic reagents that will be marketed by Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Ariana Pharma said that it is collaborating to apply its novel technology to the discovery of new biomarkers.

The Hepachronix project pools their collective expertise to identify, develop and market new tools for the early diagnosis of fibrosis and for the prognosis of resistance to treatment. .

According to Ariana Pharma, the project aims to deepen understanding of the processes by which liver fibrosis (in HCV patients) evolves from an early, mild stage to serious liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatoma carcinoma.

Hence the Hepachronix project aims to develop additional biomarkers to characterise patients responder status, and to adapt the therapy.

Ariana Pharma CEO Mohammad Afshar said that Ariana Pharma is looking forward to applying its expertise and KEM technology to the diagnosis and prognosis of hepatitis.

"The identification and validation of new sets of biomarkers have the potential to improve diagnosis and treatment of these major public health problems,"Afshar said.