Arcomed and Capsule have signed an agreement that promotes connectivity between Arcomed's IV pumps and hospital information systems using Capsule's vendor neutral connectivity solution.

Reportedly, the agreement ensures that Arcomed’s Volumed VP 7000 and Syramed SP 6000 IV pumps and their UniQueCONCEPT IDMS (Infusion Data Management System) have the most current connectivity software, and¬†creates a foundation for all future Arcomed products to connect to any hospital information system.

Neil Henry, product manager of Capsule, said: Arcomed is an important partner for us. Arcomed recognizes the importance of integrating timely infusion data directly into CIS and EMR systems as a way to help improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. We are in active development of the device drivers for Arcomed’s products with scheduled release for January, 2010.