US-based ArcherDX has introduced a new version of its Archer Analysis bioinformatics platform, Analysis 3.2.

Archer Analysis is said to support automated sequence analysis and mutation detection from libraries that are created by using Archer FusionPlex RNA-based sequencing assays.

The new version will help in the analysis of libraries, which are being created from the forthcoming Archer VariantPlex DNA sequencing assays.

ArcherDX CEO Jason Myers said: "Combining RNA-based fusion detection with DNA-based SNP and copy number analysis gives you a better understanding of the driver mutations in tumor samples.

"Building out analysis software designed specifically for our enrichment chemistry allows our customers to take full advantage of the inherent benefits of Anchored Multiplex PCR."

Archer Analysis new version will help in mutation detection and provide reporting for somatic and germline mutations and copy number variations, as well as gene fusions, SNPs and indels.

It is incorporated with the Archer Quiver Fusion Database, a mutation database of all published gene translocations.

Analysis 3.2 will also integrate mutation visualization, variant effect prediction, variant annotation, in addition to analyzing sequencing files. It also holds the ability to create printable analysis reports.