Arcadia Resources, a provider of consumer health care services under the Arcadia HealthCare brand, has signed a pilot agreement with the Cleveland Clinic, to utilize Arcadia's DailyMed program to support one of Cleveland Clinic's transitional care programs.

Through the agreement, Cleveland Clinic aims to reduce readmissions and improve the health status of its patients.

During the three-month pilot program Cleveland Clinic will approach a select group of initial patients to participate and assess a variety of factors related to patient outcomes, quality measures and reduced readmissions with the target population, which will commence in late January.

Arcadia president and CEO Marvin Richardson said the program has become instrumental to the strategies of health care systems and payer groups challenged with improving medication adherence for patients on chronic complex drug therapy regimens.

"This pilot program enables us to work directly with a clinical team and the complex medication requirements of patients upon discharge," Richardson said.

DailyMed will fill the identified patients’ prescriptions as prescribed by Cleveland Clinic physicians and manage their drug therapy as they transition to the home setting.