Aptamer will assess the technology for potential incorporation into Takeda’s drug development process


Aptamer collaborates with Takeda. (Credit: Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay.)

Aptamer, the developer of diagnostic and therapeutic Optimer reagents, has reached a collaboration agreement with a Japan-based pharmaceutical company Takeda to evaluate its Optimer technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Aptamer will assess the technology with a new target class, and potential incorporation into Takeda’s drug development process.

After developing specific Optimer reagents to the agreed range of targets, the company will allow Takeda to evaluate the Optimers for the feasibility of working with its drug compounds.

Aptamer said that its Optimer technology delivers advanced solutions that address the requirements of researchers and developers in the field of life sciences.

Aptamer Group chief executive officer Arron Tolley said: “I am delighted to have established this collaboration for critical assay reagents with Takeda, who are global pharmaceutical leaders.

“Co-development relationships such as this offer the opportunity to leverage each party’s expertise for the delivery of new and innovative tools for clinical and bio-therapeutic applications.

“This partnership is a great endorsement of the value of Aptamer Group’s technology in targeting novel biopharmaceuticals and I look forward to working together with Takeda and reporting on progress.”

According to company, optimers are optimised aptamer reagents that can bind specifically to a target molecule to serve as an antibody alternative, based on oligonucleotide molecules.

With their capability to fold into distinct secondary or tertiary structures, optimers gain high target affinity and specific binding toward the selected targets, said the company.

The next-generation aptamer molecules are derived from nucleic acids, and are emerging as promising alternatives in several applications.

Aptamer said that its approach to Optimer selection enables novel aptamers specifically customised for each project.