Applikon Biotechnology has established an agreement with InDevR to distribute the ViroCyt Virus Counter, an easy-to-use instrument for rapid quantification of virus samples.

The ViroCyt Virus Counter provides a direct measurement of virus particle concentration with accurate and quantitative results in less than 10 minutes and the instrument’s small footprint makes it an easy addition to the lab which requires minimal technical training, Applikon said.

The ViroCyt Virus Counter is a ‘personal’ flow cytometer designed specifically for virus quantification and provides a measurement of the total number of virus particles per ml (vp/ml).

Applikon Biotechnology president John Chory said the Virus Counter changes the way researchers quantify virus samples and analysis that used to take days to complete currently takes minutes and can done be for a small fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

"Applikon is pleased to work with InDevR to bring this key product to market. InDevR has an innovative approach to process challenges and this fits in nicely with Applikon’s goal of providing novel solutions for its customer," Chory said.