Used in the treatment of spinal stenosis

Applied Spine has reported the first two Stabilimax surgeries that were performed outside of the US. The Stabilimax dynamic spine system is currently part of an IDE multi-center, randomised, controlled clinical trial in the US. The system, which is a device designed to provide stabilisation while allowing motion, is now being clinically evaluated.

The company said that Stabilimax is approved for investigational use only. Applied Spine is conducting a clinical research study to assess its safety and effectiveness when compared against other methods used in the treatment of spinal stenosis.

Dr. Maharaj, commenting on the procedure, said: “Our first Stabilimax implantations went well. We are pleased to be the first facility outside of the US to take part in utilising this new technology. Stabilimax offers an alternative to spinal fusion, the opportunity to stabilise the spine without eliminating motion for patients with spinal stenosis or herniated nucleus pulposus, in particular, is an area of great interest to me.”

Craig Corrance, chief executive officer of Applied Spine, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Dr. Maharaj, as well as his colleagues Louis Nel and Jack Eksteen, in broadening the company’s experience with our Stabilimax System.”