Applied BioCode’s Barcoded Magnetic Beads digital multiplexing technology, along with the BioCode-1000 Analyzer for barcode and fluorescence detection, results in a flexible digital multiplexing platform suited for a wide variety of biological applications, such as clinical diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, gene mutation analysis, companion diagnostics, drug resistance genotyping and biomarkers validation.

Applied BioCode said that the poster presentation focuses on the results from a 10-plex Cytokine Immunoassay panel and an 8-plex panel for Thrombo SNP Genotyping targets.

The BioCode-1000 Analyzer is a Barcoded Magnetic Beads digital multiplexing system for a 96-well microplate format. The system is used to detect from 2 to 128-plex Nucleic Acid or Protein targets in individual microwells. The digital multiplexing system can scan a 96-well microplate, decode barcodes, measure label fluorescence, and display results in only 40 seconds per microwell.

The system is sensitive (0.5 fm/ml GAPDH (DNA) and 1.0 pg/ml IL-2 (protein) with PE label) and has been used for a variety of panel tests in molecular diagnostics, companion diagnostics, and biomarkers validation. The Biocode-1000 Analyzer simplifies the testing of multiplex assays while offering high throughput, high accuracy, and affordability.