The Supplement 145 creates a single standard for the electronic display, sharing, storage and management of digital slides for pathology, helping pathologists to validate the quality of these slides and ultimately enhance patient care.

Aperio said the Supplement also facilitates inter-operability between systems managing medical images, such as pathology, radiology and other medical imaging systems.

Aperio chief technology officer Ole Eichhorn said Supplement 145 was a multi-vendor effort, which resulted in a solid enhancement to the DICOM standard to include digital pathology among the supported medical modalities.

"This type of standards effort will foster adoption of digital pathology by assuring hospitals and labs of inter-operability between systems," Eichhorn said.

Aperio said the addition of Supplement 145 to the DICOM standard complements a previous effort by Working Group 26 which resulted in Supplement 122, a specimen model for Pathology.