Apacheta and Brightree have introduced a new integrated mobile delivery management solution, developed for home medical equipment (HME) providers.

Apacheta’s mobile delivery management solution integrates seamlessly with Brightree, allowing HME/DME companies to reduce costs and paper, optimize productivity, track deliveries and assets, accelerate time to revenue for medical claims and improve patient outcomes.

Brightre product management vice-president Steve Rogers said: "Creating point of delivery efficiencies addresses one of the largest cost components of patient care for HME providers.

The cloud-based solution works with consumer-grade smartphones and tablets, helping firms to decrease high upfront costs.

The mobile delivery management solution allows HME providers to handle load management, barcode scanning and electronic forms to ensure compliance, dynamic trip management and electronic proof-of-delivery with signature capture.

It helps HME providers to plan, schedule, dispatch and monitor field force activity, including real-time delivery mapping and tracking of key metrics such as exceptions, stops made and time spent per stop.

Apacheta business development and sales vice-president James Wee said: "Apacheta’s mobile delivery management solution has been welcomed by the HME/DME market, as providers are seeking a modern solution that utilizes tablets and smartphones to provide real-time delivery tracking, logistics management, and best practice mobile workflows."

Apacheta is the provider of mobile medical logistics solutions, while Brightree offers cloud-based clinical, business management and billing software solutions for the post-acute care industry.