Anzai Medical has validated the interface for its Anzai Respiratory Gating AZ-733VI product line, which controls the radiation beam for proton and particle treatment systems.

The IBA gating interface validation was performed at Texas Center for Proton Therapy, Dallas, TX.

With the implementation of this interface Anzai Medical is now able to also offer Respiratory Gating to clinics that use an IBA proton therapy system.

The validation confirmed the compatibility of IBA's UBTI interface for respiratory gated treatments in proton therapy.

The release includes a generic layer of hardware and software that allows Anzai to adapt the current implementation to interfaces of other proton and particle therapy vendors with minimal effort. An individual validation is required for each vendor.

The respiratory gating interface for photon therapy is already in clinical use together with Elekta linear accelerators. The first Anzai Respiratory Gating System was launched 25 years ago and has been adopted worldwide with over 1,600 units in use.

Anzai's AZ-733VI system offers the technology required to perform high-end treatment techniques within radiation therapy. Respiratory gated treatments are frequently used for special cases in which the tumor position changes throughout the respiratory cycle.