Angioslide has started commercialisation of the Proteus device in the US for Embolic Capture Angioplasty (ECA), which combines an angioplasty balloon and embolic capture features in one device.

Angioslide claims that the Proteus device provides physicians with a simple and cost-effective method of capturing of embolic particles during angioplasty procedures and is presently used in the lower limbs during Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) procedures.

The Proteus device’ standard angioplasty balloon feature captures the debris that may be liberated during the PTA procedure but the embolic capture feature allows debris to be trapped within the balloon,which can be removed at the end of the PTA procedure.

Angioslide president and CEO Doron Besser said that they believe that Proteus and Embolic Capture Angioplasty (ECA) represents a major advancement in the approach to angioplasty procedures.

“We are actively commercialising the Proteus in the US via our direct sales force. In a relatively short time we are already active in over 15 hospitals in US and are very pleased with the acceptance of the device,” Besser said.

“This entry of Proteus into the US market for is expected to be only the first in a series of applications of the technology such as the coronary, renal and carotid vascular beds.”